Monday, August 8, 2016

Share the News!

This Summer, we're exploring new opportunities at Gunston Hall.  Every weekend we've had something different going on around the grounds.  When you come visit, you can take part in getting some food ready on the hearth, or meet George Mason.  One of our favorite activities this Summer has been exploring how news was made during George Mason's lifetime.

News was often passed by word of mouth, or from person to person.  When someone came to visit Gunston Hall, they might have shared what was happening in other parts of Virginia with George Mason.  Others might have sent letters, sometimes about personal matters, but also to share something big that was happening near them.  Finally, there were newspapers.  One of the biggest newspapers in Virginia was the Virginia Gazette, published in Williamsburg.  It shared news from all over the colony and around the world, from someone losing a horse to when the Revolutionary War ended in 1783.

George Mason sharing news with guests at Gunston Hall.

If you want to become an 18th century newsie, there's still time!  Join us this weekend, August 13, or in two weeks on August 27.

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